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No matter the sport, the higher the caliber of play the better. That's what makes being a Charlotte 49er so exciting...awesome D1 athletics from one season to the next. Don't miss out! Click below to plug into the action with the latest scores, schedules and highlights.

UNC Charlotte Icons

0 hours of community service completed by student-athletes 2015-2016 academic year

UNC Charlotte Icons

0 graduation success rate for student-athletes

UNC Charlotte Icons

0 Division 1 Sports

Athletics Facilities

Take a quick look at all the athletics facilities on campus and one thing becomes very clear - this place is serious about sports.

Larry Ogunjobi, '16

Football star tackles computer science

Larry Ogunjobi, '16

As great as Ogunjobi was on the football field, his academic prowess was equally noteworthy.

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Like a play date...for big kids

Just because you're not going to school on a full-ride athletic scholarship doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines. There are all kinds of teams to join where the only thing serious about them is the fun.

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