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Charlotte Teacher Early College to give future educators a head start

Charlotte Teacher Early College Gives a Head Start

The first students to start school on the UNC Charlotte campus this fall are not undergraduates but 55 high school freshmen.

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East Charlotte reading camp a promising model for future programs

East Charlotte Reading Camp

Cato College of Education is providing a free, literacy-rich experience for dozens of east Charlotte elementary students while helping researchers.

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Freedom School 2017

School for the Summer!

UNC Charlotte students spending the summer serving as student leader interns with Freedom School Partners.

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Tactical Urbanism

Tactical Urbanism

Students from the College of Arts + Architecture’s “Tactical Urbanism” class partnered with Charlotte Department of Transportation and local schools to make a difference through pedestrian safety.

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UNC Charlotte is committed to being a good neighbor to the Charlotte region. The spirit of collaboration is a University hallmark, and that spirit extends beyond our campus. We affirm our commitment to the region through programs and events that are open to the public, and volunteer and service projects supported by our faculty, staff and students.