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Transmission and Distribution World Features EPIC

UNC Charlotte’s Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) recently was featured on the website Transmission and Distribution World.

In an article on the website, EPIC was called one of the "biggest university/industry partnerships in the country."

EPIC director Johan Enslin invited Transmission and Distribution World Strategic Director Rich Bush, a mechanical engineer, to visit the facility. He was "mesmerized with the million pound, 32-foot high wall where EPIC researchers can evaluate transmission foundations and tower sections."

Social Sustainability Conference Set for June 8 - 10

A network of people from varied walks of life will come together in Charlotte and other U.S. and U.K. cities on June 8 - 10 to delve into transportation, connections with the natural world, the value of human well-being and security, and social and physical mobility. These topics and more make up the fourth annual conference of the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS). With a theme of “Communities and Connections,” the conference is open to the public at no charge, but registrations are requested.

The INSS encourages a greater appreciation for social aspects of sustainability with a particular focus on engineering and its allied professions. The network views sustainability as an integrated concept, rather than as separate environmental, economic, and social sustainabilities, in that each of these elements is inseparable from the others. Since social elements remain under-appreciated, the network works for greater inclusion of these in planning and practice.

Click here to learn more about the event.