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Spotlight: Take the Tour

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Spotlight: Take the Tour

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Visitors and new students can get a sneak peak of North Carolina’s urban research university even before they step foot on UNC Charlotte’s 1,000-acre campus. With the online virtual tour, students and visitors can learn about the buildings and programs on campus prior to making a visit in person.

The online virtual tour provides students with a photo-realistic image of campus showcasing departments, athletic facilities, on-campus housing, places of interest, and academic buildings.

"Until they see the aerial view of campus, most students don’t realize how large our campus is, and how many buildings and facilities UNC Charlotte has," says Lisa Meckley, division communications manager for enrollment management. "With the virtual tour, it’s easy to preview the campus and see how much we have to offer."

Alumni have also enjoyed seeing how their campus has changed over the years. Those who haven’t had a chance to return to campus are amazed when they see how much the campus has grown since they were students.

The University’s Master Plan calls for a continued focus on building a people-oriented campus committed to sustainability, efficiency and social interaction. Thoughtful land use planning preserves and celebrates the range of natural landscapes and forested areas on campus to foster a sense of sustainable growth.

The virtual tour offers search functionality by keyword, a drop-down list of locations and departments/services, and "layers" which highlight categories such as academic buildings, parking areas, recreation fields, and more.