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Spotlight: Graduate Certificates Offer a Fast Start

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Spotlight: Graduate Certificates Offer a Fast Start

Date Published:
Thursday, May 29, 2014

A graduate certificate from UNC Charlotte can help you develop marketable skills, advance your career, and even lead to enrollment in a master’s program. With almost 50 graduate certificates in every field imaginable, from Energy Analytics, Business Foundations, Teaching, and Community Health, UNC Charlotte’s Graduate School has something for everyone.

A graduate certificate program is a stand-alone credential that typically consists of 12-15 credit hours of graduate coursework in a focused area of study. The graduate certificate or post-master's graduate certificate may provide individuals with specialized training in a particular academic and/or occupational area, as well as augment professional skills to help advance their careers.

"The Bioinformatics Technology graduate certificate program taught me a lot of different things," explains Jon Shea, a certificate alum and current Bioinformatics master’s student. "I learned the basics of Bioinformatics in general starting with programming. My background was in Biology, so programming was entirely new to me."

Many of UNC Charlotte’s graduate certificate programs consist of a subset of courses required for a master’s degree, so they enable individuals to quickly gain admission and begin a program of study before committing to a master’s degree. Credit hours earned in a certificate program may be applied to a master’s or doctoral program pursued either in conjunction with or after the certificate has been awarded. Note that credits earned in a certificate program may not be used to satisfy the requirements of a second certificate program.

"I thought an Africana Studies certificate would really help my African-American lit courses," says Kristin Reynolds, master’s of English graduate student. "After this I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in African American literature, and Africana Studies is giving me a good idea of the global environment for African diaspora lit."

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