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Spotlight: 35,000 Fans and Growing

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Spotlight: 35,000 Fans and Growing

Date Published:
Thursday, February 27, 2014

UNC Charlotte just passed an important milestone online. We now have more than 35,000 followers on the world’s most popular social network. We have, by far, the largest higher education Facebook page in this part of North Carolina, and one of the largest Facebook sites overall in Charlotte. Every week, more than 140,000 people see our posts. They like them, comment on them, share them with their friends and interact with us in ways that were never possible before.

Facebook is a powerful social network with more than one billion users worldwide. What does UNC Charlotte do on the world’s most powerful social network? Every week, on the main University Facebook page, we tell the UNC Charlotte story through information, events, photos, videos and countless opportunities to connect with Charlotte’s urban research university.

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared important information related to weather closures, updates to lecture series and speakers on campus, and critical deadlines students need to stay on top of their academic calendars.

Do you follow UNC Charlotte on Facebook? Or Twitter? Engage with us online and stake your claim!