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Spotlight: South Village Rising

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Spotlight: South Village Rising

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

If you've driven by campus on University City Boulevard lately, you've probably noticed a major transformation unfolding in the South Village residential area, originally built in the 1960s. UNC Charlotte’s Campus Master Plan promotes residential "village" living as a way to "promote student interaction and sense of belonging to a collegiate community."

By 2018, the now 40-acre area will feature four brand-new residential halls, a renovation of the existing three, a new residence dining hall, parking deck and easier connectivity to the campus core.

"The new South Village project is dramatically transforming the area from an outdated group of separate venues into a true freshman living and learning community," says Phil Jones, associate vice chancellor of Facilities Management.

This collaborative environment encourages those key relationships and opportunities necessary to a successful student experience. In his newsletter, Chancellor Dubois noted that "students who live on campus have better grade point averages, have more frequent contact and deeper relationships with faculty and staff, and are more likely to continue in school."

Comprised of first and second year students, Jacklyn Simpson, associate vice chancellor of Student Affairs and director of Housing and Residence Life says, "They are all experiencing living away from home for the first time…they are all learning what it takes to succeed academically at the University."

For more information about the South Village, please watch this segment from the May 2013 edition of Inside UNC Charlotte.

Photo by Wade Bruton.