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Spotlight: Prospect for Success

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Spotlight: Prospect for Success

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

UNC Charlotte has embarked on a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to ensure an ever more enriching educational experience for its students. The University’s mission statement commits the institution to providing an "exemplary undergraduate education that equips students with a strong liberal arts foundation in a robust intellectual environment that values diversity, collegiality, and creativity."

UNC Charlotte believes that college education is best understood as act of engagement in a deep sense, a commitment that defines who you are and what you will become. For that reason, the University has chosen to build its "Prospect for Success" QEP around the concept of "engagement" in order to ensure that students achieve their fullest potential.

Designed to proactively foster both the extent and depth of students’ engagement, UNC Charlotte’s Prospect for Success QEP will provide all first-time, full-time freshmen with the opportunity to participate in a formal engagement curriculum during their first year of enrollment. Recognizing the diverse needs of students in the University’s seven academic colleges, this engagement curriculum takes different forms in different colleges, but all versions of the curriculum have common elements to make manifest to students both aspirational "ways of being" (the value of engagement) and practical "things to do" (how to be engaged).

Between Monday and Thursday, March 25 - 28, UNC Charlotte will host a team of peer reviewers from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This Onsite Review Committee will visit the campus to focus on the University’s proposed QEP.

UNC Charlotte is accredited by SACSCOC. The accreditation permits faculty to compete for federally funded research grants and for students to have access to federally subsidized financial aid. It also means that UNC Charlotte’s academic courses are recognized by other institutions. Reaffirmation occurs every 10 years.

During their visit, members of the Onsite Review Committee may request to meet with students, faculty, or staff to understand specific issues related to compliance. But they also will be talking about issues raised in UNC Charlotte’s Compliance Certification and Focused Report, which can be found online.