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Spotlight: Mock Interview Day - Practice Before It Counts

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Spotlight: Mock Interview Day - Practice Before It Counts

Date Published:
Friday, January 11, 2013

The University Career Center for Work, Service, and Internships will hold Mock Interview Day on Friday, Feb. 1, 2013. Mock Interview Day, hosted annually for over 10 years, provides students an excellent chance to practice their interviewing skills with experienced recruiting professionals from the Charlotte business community, giving them a job search skill boost in a tight economy.

Representatives from a number of organizations, including McKesson, Verizon, and Industrial Distribution Group, are scheduled to interview students. Each student who participates will spend half an hour with a designated representative answering questions similar to what that employer would ask in an actual interview. The employer will then critique the student’s interviewing skills and provide suggestions on how to improve for future job or internship interviews.

Equipped with advice from the "real" employers, 95% of students who participated in Mock Interview Day 2012 would recommend this event to other students. Past participants also have reported feeling more comfortable with interviewing and gaining a better understanding of the preparation required to have a successful interview.

By providing this training opportunity for students, employers that recruit UNC Charlotte students get to increase their presence and visibility on campus. With the majority of last year’s professionals giving students high ratings on oral communication skills, it also showcases the talents of students who may be interested in future employment.

Beginning January 9, currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students can sign up for Mock Interview Day through the University Career Center’s NinerJobNet database. Sign-ups will continue until all slots are filled. Students are required to dress professionally and are encouraged to prepare appropriately for the interview. The University Career Center offers a number of resources, both online and in the Career Resource Library, that feature sample interview questions, tips for answering them effectively, and even a way to practice informally via webcam technology.

More information is available online.