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Spotlight: Honoring Great Teachers

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Spotlight: Honoring Great Teachers

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

University leaders formally dedicated the Cato Teaching Discovery Mural during a special ceremony in April.

Located near the College of Education, this dramatic, brick-carved mural depicts important events in Charlotte and North Carolina history and culture on eight panels that rise eight feet in height. It also recognizes outstanding educators and will serve as a learning tool for teachers, students and the public who visit the University campus.

"The Cato Teaching Discovery Mural honors educators everywhere; certainly those with ties to UNC Charlotte, but also those elsewhere who have touched the lives of students in other institutions, and in other states, cities and towns," said Chancellor Philip L. Dubois. "It also honors anyone who has been a great teacher who, maybe, taught life’s lessons over and over outside the boundaries of a classroom or a professional title. That’s why I chose to honor my late mother as part of the mural. Personally, I think she did a pretty good job."

Built with a generous gift from John Cato, a 1973 graduate of UNC Charlotte, and the Cato Corporation, the mural will be a permanent site for discovery and learning for classroom students, as well as the greater community, noted Dubois.

The mural includes more than 375 square feet of carvings that reside on four large stone monuments in abstract shapes. Historical and cultural information about North Carolina and the region are featured through hundreds of images including the founding of the state and the Charlotte region, discovery of gold, key people and events related to education, notable acts in the pursuit of freedom, traditional arts and entertainment in the state, a salute to classroom teachers, historical and current areas of state and regional commerce and a collage of state sights and symbols.

Photo by Wade Bruton.