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Spotlight: Fall 2013 Senior Design Expo

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Spotlight: Fall 2013 Senior Design Expo

Date Published:
Friday, December 13, 2013

Seniors from the William States Lee College of Engineering recently presented projects at the college’s Senior Design Exposition, an innovative, hands-on learning experience for students, and an opportunity to support industry partners that benefits the state of North Carolina.

The program teaches students how to apply their years of math, science and engineering knowledge to solve the unique problems presented by a number of progressive North Carolina companies, entrepreneurs and citizens. Multi-disciplinary projects that involve engineering and technology solutions in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, systems, environmental and civil engineering are encouraged by the college.

The Senior Design Program brings together students and industry partners in a collaborative research environment to tackle real-world engineering problems.

The winning project for the fall 2013 semester was an axial fan blade attachment for Siemens. The team designed and analyzed a new method for retaining large axial fan blades (19 lbs / blade) on an electric generator rotor spinning up to 4,320 RPM and developing over 150,000 lbs of centrifugal force per blade. The design took into consideration structural integrity, manufacturability, serviceability and cost; the design solution was a dovetail joint system that optimizes strength and reduces stress loads.

To read more about the Expo, please visit the College of Engineering's website.