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Spotlight: Registration Continues through September 27

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Spotlight: Registration Continues through September 27

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Monday, September 10, 2012

As almost everyone is aware, this is not only an election year, but also a presidential election year. All students 18 years or older have the constitutional right to vote based on the 26th Amendment of The Constitution. Unfortunately, many students face significant barriers to make this happen, ranging from residency laws and correct identification, to unknown registration deadlines and more.

With the national deadline to register to vote in the fall 2012 election coming up on September 27, there’s limited time to register if you have not already done so. Here are two websites that can help:

TurboVote is a non-partisan effort that can help you get the information you need and can also send reminders to you of upcoming deadlines.

Campus Vote is also a non-partisan effort to empower all students with their constitutional right to vote. It’s a helpful one-stop-shop for your voter registration needs.

Either of these helpful sites can get you the information you need to register to vote before the deadline on September 27.

For more information on UNC Charlotte’s activities in this election year, visit The 49er Democracy Experience website.