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Spotlight: Mural Honors Inspirational Educators

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Spotlight: Mural Honors Inspirational Educators

Date Published:
Friday, November 2, 2012

Teachers touch the lives of thousands of students each day, often leaving an enduring impression on those they teach. The UNC Charlotte College of Education will honor unforgettable teachers with the Cato Teaching Discovery Mural.

The mural is an interactive, multi-dimensional work of sculpture featuring carved brick panels designed to honor teachers and to celebrate the teaching profession. Images showing the impact of teachers on students will be interwoven with visual references to literature, science, mathematics, geography, arts and culture, athletics, business and commerce, and social diversity. The striking artistic interpretations of educators and education will populate several mural monuments that will be installed outside of the UNC Charlotte College of Education building.

Contributors are invited to make gifts of pledges to commemorate educators who have made a positive impact on their lives. Those honored at the highest level will have their names listed permanently on one face of the mural sculpture, and their testimonials will be featured in an interactive display in the lobby of the building.

The Cato Corporation has established the mural to demonstrate the uniquely felt influence of individual teachers, and to inspire growth in resources to support new initiatives in the College of Education and in the region’s many classrooms.

More information about the Cato Teaching Discovery Mural and other College of Education initiatives is available online.