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Spotlight: All the Media in the World

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Spotlight: All the Media in the World

Date Published:
Friday, December 2, 2011

There are literally hundreds of social media sites related to UNC Charlotte. The main and most popular sites hosted by the University are always in the footer of the UNC Charlotte website; Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Blogger can all be found there. That’s a great start and these are by far the most popular pages. But what about all the other pages and feeds? How would you ever find these? Looking and searching through various social media sites would take a very long time, and you may never get an idea of all the wonderful activity taking place around the University.

With the new UNC Charlotte MediaMine, all of those places are in one place. On this website, users can see all the various pages, blogs and Twitter feeds coming from the University, faculty, staff and students.

"We knew this was an important tool for people that want to connect with us online," says Richard McDevitt, Director of Marketing. "This single page is a pathway into a lot of wonderful, relevant and interesting content for a wide variety of people. The goal is pretty obvious - make it easier for people to connect with the University from anywhere in the world.”

This single page is a pathway into a lot of wonderful, relevant and interesting content for a wide variety of people.
Richard McDevitt,
Director of Marketing

Created over the past weeks by UNC Charlotte's Web Communications team, the site has just been launched. The most common social media tools are all there, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube. Combined there are more than 300 sites to explore, including everything from Twitter feeds for 49ers athletics and Facebook pages for campus events, to Dr. James Tabor’s blog on “All things biblical” and a wonderful blog created by the Levine Scholars. It’s a dizzying array of content.

"The site changes constantly," says Cindy Jones, Web Communications Manager. "It has a real time Twitter tracker on the site of course, but we also have a submissions page where faculty, staff and students can submit new sites and content. The MediaMine has been growing from the very first day."

With a Facebook page with over 16,000 fans, Twitter feeds that attract thousands of followers, and a YouTube channel with more than 150,000 upload views, Social Media is increasingly important at UNC Charlotte. The MediaMine makes it easier to find your way.

Illustration by Myron Macklin.