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Engineering Holds Senior Design Expo

The William States Lee College of Engineering held its spring semester Senior Design Expo on May 5. Fifty-one teams presented their completed two-semester projects, 28 teams presented their first-semester design-concept posters, and 12 teams presented their Civil and Environmental Engineering projects.

Providing students with an innovative, hands-on learning experience, the Senior Design Program at UNC Charlotte educates engineering students, supports industry partners and benefits the State of North Carolina. The program teaches students how to apply their years of math, science, and engineering knowledge to solve the unique problems presented by many progressive North Carolina companies. The College of Engineering encourages multi-disciplinary projects that involve engineering and technology solutions in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, systems, environmental and civil engineering.

Visit the College of Engineering's website to view a list of winning projects.

New Graduate Certificate in Childhood Mental Health

The School of Social Work and Department of Special Education and Child Development are pleased to announce the approval of a joint certificate program in Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) focusing on children from birth to five years of age and their families.

Graduates of the program will be able to promote awareness about the importance of early childhood mental health; work with diverse families with young children; identify evidence‐informed services for young children and their families; recognize ecologically valid mental health assessments of young children; explain relationship of social, cognitive, and communication development in young children; support positive, relationship‐focused communication between young children and their adult caretakers; and facilitate positive social‐communication skills between young children, parents, and 
other caretakers in a variety of settings.

The certificate program is open to professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree who work or desire to work with young children and their families; click here for more details.