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Welcome to the Largest Class of International Students

Nearly 550 new international students have begun their studies at UNC Charlotte, making this year’s class of incoming learners the University’s largest global contingent to enroll at the start of any semester.

In total, the University is hosting about 1,900 international students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees or who are here for shorter cultural exchanges that is in addition to language training students. This places UNC Charlotte among the top 125 institutions in the United States in terms of international student enrollment.

"The quality of our graduate programs at the master’s and doctoral levels is attracting more students to UNC Charlotte," said Tarek Elshayeb, director of the International Student and Scholar Office in the Office of International Programs. He and his staff provide information, services and programs that assist international students and visiting scholars to become acclimated to campus. "We offer immigration and cultural advising and provide them with information on the array of University services available to help them succeed, often these services don’t exist at universities in their home countries."

New ROI to Optimize Biomedical Resource Allocations

Public and private entities that fund biomedical research face difficult choices on how to allocate a finite level of capital, and scientists often take risks in selecting research topics multiple times in their academic careers. UNC Charlotte data scientist Lixia Yao, in a recently published article in Nature Biotechnology titled “Health ROI as a Measure of Misalignment of Biomedical Needs and Resources,” suggests a better method for those funding agencies and scientists.

“We believe that greater returns on investment can be achieved for the entire society if we could more effectively distribute biomedical research resources, including both funding and human capital,” said Yao, an assistant professor in the Department of Software and Information Systems in the College of Computing and Informatics. She worked with collaborators at Columbia University, GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Chicago to develop the health ROI.

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