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Top Students Honored at Annual Research Symposium

The 15th annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) was held recently in the J. Murrey Atkins Library. This student-run conference showcased current student research taking place at UNC Charlotte. First-place winners received cash prizes.

The mission of the GRS is to provide an inclusive and competitive environment for UNC Charlotte students to present their work. This year’s theme, "Learning Across Disciplines," emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the symposium, where research from all fields is made accessible to attendees.

Click here to see a list of winners and learn more about their research.

Engineering Students Win 3D Printing Competition

Four UNC Charlotte Lee College of Engineering students recently won a 3D printing design competition sponsored by the U.S. Army Research Office.

Forty-niners James Haig and Nathan Lambert (master’s students in mechanical engineering), Patrick Fain (bachelor’s student in mechanical engineering technology) and Eric Fleischhauer (doctoral student in mechanical engineering) were part of the team that won the competition to develop ideas and concepts for items that would be useful in a military operational environment and for which 3D printing would offer an advantage.

"Our team chose to try and tackle the problem of resupplying troops in contact with the enemy," said Haig. "Currently this requires a helicopter to come in low and very slow in order to drop a bag filled with ammunition or other needed supplies. We designed a rapid prototype container that would in theory, be able to be dropped by a helicopter at 150 feet going around 90 knots, decreasing the danger to them. We demonstrated a prototype printed on the Projet (3D) printer by dropping it on the ground from a height with a precious payload of corn puffs; it broke apart, protecting the contents. We won first place."