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Berlin Festival to Show Film about Cold War

A documentary that recounts the Cold War struggles of Mario Röllig, UNC Charlotte’s "College of Liberal Arts & Sciences eyewitness-in-residence," will premiere during the 66th annual Berlin International Film Festival in mid-February. The documentary includes scenes filmed during a visit Röllig made to UNC Charlotte in 2014.

A gay former citizen of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Röllig was arrested in Hungary in 1987 for attempting to flee the republic. The film “Der Ost-Komplex” (The GDR Complex) recounts Röllig’s experiences of incarceration, interrogation and torture in Hohenschönhausen Prison.

Röllig and “Der Ost-Komplex” director Jochen Hick will share insights and excerpts from the film with audiences at a public event on Thursday, Feb. 25. Röllig also will speak on Monday, April 18.

Conference to Address Veterans' Health Services Needs

A daylong conference will bring top experts to UNC Charlotte’s campus to discuss strategies to serve veterans transitioning from active military to civilian lives. "Military Culture: Have You Ever Served?" is free and open to the public and will be held Tuesday, March 1, at the UNC Charlotte Student Union; registration is available online.

Keynote speakers for the conference will be Martha Herb, U.S. Navy and director of the Inter-American Defense College; Paul Lewis, a U.S. Army colonel and senior nursing scientist at Womack Army Hospital; and Ilario Pantano, assistant secretary for veterans affairs, N.C. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and a former U.S. Marine Corps second lieutenant.

"Serving in the military is a high-risk occupation with exposures known to cause morbidity and mortality," said Lewis. "As a clinician, asking the simple screening question of 'Have you ever served in the military?' will help to quickly identify potential health risks of the person sitting in front of you."