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Conference to Address Veterans' Health Services Needs

A daylong conference will bring top experts to UNC Charlotte’s campus to discuss strategies to serve veterans transitioning from active military to civilian lives. "Military Culture: Have You Ever Served?" is free and open to the public and will be held Tuesday, March 1, at the UNC Charlotte Student Union; registration is available online.

Keynote speakers for the conference will be Martha Herb, U.S. Navy and director of the Inter-American Defense College; Paul Lewis, a U.S. Army colonel and senior nursing scientist at Womack Army Hospital; and Ilario Pantano, assistant secretary for veterans affairs, N.C. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and a former U.S. Marine Corps second lieutenant.

"Serving in the military is a high-risk occupation with exposures known to cause morbidity and mortality," said Lewis. "As a clinician, asking the simple screening question of 'Have you ever served in the military?' will help to quickly identify potential health risks of the person sitting in front of you."

Berlin Festival to Show Film about Cold War

A documentary that recounts the Cold War struggles of Mario Röllig, UNC Charlotte’s "College of Liberal Arts & Sciences eyewitness-in-residence," will premiere during the 66th annual Berlin International Film Festival in mid-February. The documentary includes scenes filmed during a visit Röllig made to UNC Charlotte in 2014.

A gay former citizen of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Röllig was arrested in Hungary in 1987 for attempting to flee the republic. The film “Der Ost-Komplex” (The GDR Complex) recounts Röllig’s experiences of incarceration, interrogation and torture in Hohenschönhausen Prison.

Röllig and “Der Ost-Komplex” director Jochen Hick will share insights and excerpts from the film with audiences at a public event on Thursday, Feb. 25. Röllig also will speak on Monday, April 18.